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‘We give here some Divine injunctions handed down as Holy Traditions [ahadith qudsiyah], and sound hadiths.

The Messenger of God, may blessings and peace be upon him, repeating the words of his Lord, said: ‘O My servants! I have forbidden Myself injustice, and made it forbidden between you, so do not be unjust to each other! O My servants! You are all hungry save those whom I feed; therefore ask Me and I shall feed you! O My servants! You are all naked save those whom I clothe; therefore ask Me and I shall clothe you! O My servants! You do wrong night and day, and I forgive all sins; so ask Me and I shall forgive you! O My servants! you will never be able to benefit or harm Me. O My servants! were the first of you and the last, the humans and the jinn to become equal to the most pious of heart among you, it would add nothing to My kingdom. O My servants! Were the first of you and the last, the humans and the jinn, to become equal to the most depraved of heart among you it would detract nothing from My kingdom. O My servants! Were the first of you and the last, the humans and the jinn, to stand on one plane and ask Me, and were to grant each his request, it would diminish that which I possess no more than would a needle when dipped into the sea. O My servants! It is but your deeds which I record for you, then give you full requital; therefore let him who finds good praise God, and him who does not, blame only himself.’

And he has said, may blessings and peace be upon him: ‘I once saw my Lord in a dream,’ and related the hadith until he said: ‘He said: “O Muhammad!” I said: “At your service!” He said: “When you pray, declare: ‘O Godl I ask you to grant me acts of goodness, the renunciation of foul deeds, and love for the poor; and that if You intend to tempt your servants that You take me to You untempted. “”

And: ‘God the Exalted has said: “O son of Adam! Get up for Me and I shall walk to you; walk to Me and I shall run to you. O son of Adam! Remember Me for a while at the day’s beginning and a while at its end and I shall suffice you for whatever lies in between. O son of Adam! Do not fail to pray four rak’as at the beginning of the day; I shall suffice you thereby for its end.’

God revealed to Adam, upon whom be peace: ‘Four things contain all that is good for you and your offspring. One of these is for Me, one for you, one between you and Me, and one between you and My servants. As for the one that is Mine, it is that you worship Me and associate none with Me; as for the one that is yours, this is your deeds, for which I reward you; as for the one that is between you and Me, it is that your place is to pray and Mine to answer; and as for the one that is between you and My servants, it is that you treat them as you would like them to treat you.’

It is written [in the scrolls] of Abraham, upon whom be peace: ‘The intelligent man should hold his tongue, know his times, and attend to his business. He should have four hours: one to commune with his Lord, one to call himself to account, one to see his brothers who help and assist him, and one when he releases his soul to its [lawful] pleasures.’

In the Torah [it is written]: ‘O son of Adam! Do not fail to stand before Me in prayer, for I am God and have drawn near to your heart, and in the Unseen did you behold My Light.’

And in another of God’s revealed Books [it is written]: ‘O son of Adam! I have created you to worship Me, so do not play games, and guaranteed your sustenance, so do not tire yourself. O son of Adam! Seek Me and you shall find Me, and when you find Me you will have found everything, but if you miss Me you will have missed all things, for I am dearer to you than all else. O son of Adam! I am God Who says to the thing, “Be!” and it is. Obey Me and I shall give you to say to the thing, “Be!” and it is.’

And God revealed to Moses, upon whom be peace: ‘O son of ‘Imran! Be alert, take some brothers for yourself, for any intimate friend or companion who does not help you to please Me is your enemy. O Moses! What have you to do with the abode of the unjust? It is no abode for you! Drive its anxieties from yourself, and divide yourself from it with your heart, for an evil place it is, save for those who do good, for whom it is a place of excellency. O Moses! I shall watch the wrongdoer until I give to those he wronged their rights from him. O Moses! When you see affluence approaching say: “A sin the punishment of which has been hastened!” and when you see poverty approaching say: “Welcome to the emblem of the virtuous!” O Moses! Do not forget My remembrance, for with forgetfulness do sins increase. And do not amass wealth, for to do so hardens the heart. O Moses! Tell the wrongdoers not to remember Me, for if they remember Me I shall remember them with a curse, for I have imposed upon Myself that I shall remember those who remember Me.’

God revealed to one of His Prophets, upon all of whom be peace: ‘Tell your people not to do as My enemies do, not to engage in what My enemies engage in, and not to eat of the food of My enemies, so that they do not become My enemies just as the others are My enemies.’

And God revealed to David, upon whom be peace: ‘Find intimacy with Me and be estranged from all else. O David! Tell the True Saints among My servants to rejoice in Me and delight in My remembrance. O David! Cause My servants to love Me!’ And he asked: ‘O Lord! How may I cause them to love You?’ And He replied: ‘Remind them of My favours. O David! The one who returns a runaway to Me I declare an arduous worker [for My sake]. O David! When you see a man who seeks Me then be a servant to him. O David! Do not inquire about Me from a scholar whom the world has intoxicated, for he will bar you from My Path; such are to My servants like highwaymen. O David! Behave as do the righteous, smile at the depraved, be altogether sincere with My friends, and opposed to My enemies. O David! Be as a compassionate father to widows and orphans and I shall increase your provision and remit your sins. O David! Lower your eyes and hold your tongue, for I do not like the corrupt, and plea abundantly for forgiveness for yourself and all sinners.’

God revealed to one of His Prophets, upon all of whom be peace: ‘Remember Me when you are angry and I shall remember you when I give, and thus not annihilate you along with those I annihilate.’

And God revealed to Jesus, upon whom be peace: ‘Tell the Children of Israel not to enter any of My houses save with pure hearts, humble eyes, and Godfearing hands. Give them to know that I shall not answer any of their prayers while they still owe any creature [reparation for] an injustice.’ And: ‘O son of Mary! Counsel yourself; and then if you take heed, counsel the people; if not then be ashamed before Me.’

It has been related that God the Exalted has said: ‘Tell those who study for other than a religious purpose, and learn but not to practice, who put on the garments of intelligence to impress others, whose language is sweeter than honey and whose hearts are more bitter than aloes: “Is it in regard to Me that they are beguiled? Is it Me that they defy? I swear that I shall send against them a trial that will leave the intelligent among them dazed.”‘

God revealed to Moses, upon whom be peace: ‘When you see the poor call them to account just as you call the wealthy. If you do not, then bury everything that I have taught you under the dust.’

And God revealed to David, upon whom be peace: ‘O David! Tell My friends and beloved ones to forsake their companions, for I shall comfort them with My remembrance, speak to them intimately, and remove the veil between Myself and them, that they may behold My Glory. Speak of Me, O David, to the people of the earth, and tell them that I am the lover of the one who loves Me, the companion of the one who sits with Me, the comfort of the one who seeks comfort in Me, the friend of the one who befriends Me; I obey the one who obeys Me, and choose the one who chooses Me. So come to be honoured by Me; keep My company and deal with Me, for I am God, the Liberal, the Glorious. I say to a thing: “Be!” and it is.’

And God revealed to one of His Prophets, upon all of whom be peace: ‘Servant of Mine! Give Me the tears of your eyes and the reverence of your heart, then call Me and I shall respond to you, for I am the Near, the Responsive. Servant of Mine! Go forth to the cities and the fortresses and tell them two things on My behalf: tell them to eat nothing but good [licit] food, and to say nothing but the truth. And if one of them wishes to engage in an activity let him think of its consequences; if these are good, then let him proceed, while if they are bad, then let him refrain.’

And God revealed to Jesus, upon whom be peace: ‘Tell the Children of Israel to heed these two things from Me: tell them to be content with but little of this world for the good of their religion, even as the people of the world are content with but little of religion for the good of their world.’

God revealed to Moses, upon whom be peace: ‘Be as a lone bird which eats from the treetops, drinks plain water, and when night falls seeks refuge in a cave, seeking intimacy with Me, feeling estranged from those who disobey Me. O Moses! I have imposed it upon Myself that I shall not allow the works of those who draw away from Me to be completed. I shall disappoint those whose hopes are in other than Me, and I shall break the backs of those who seek support from other than Me, and I shall cause to be estranged those who love other than Me. O Moses! I have servants to whom I listen when they speak to Me, to whom I come when they call Me, whom I bring closer when they approach Me, whom I protect when they draw nearer, whose side I take when they take Mine, to whom I am sincere when they are sincere with Me, whom I reward when they act, whose affairs I manage, and whose hearts and states I govern. I gave their hearts to find tranquility only in My remembrance; which is the cure of their sicknesses, and the light of their hearts. They find solace only in Me, they allow their hearts to rest with Me alone, and are settled only when going towards Me. ‘

And God revealed to David, upon whom be peace: ‘O David! Give good tidings to the sinners and warn the True Saints!’ He asked; ‘O Lord! How shall I give tidings to the sinners and warn the True Saints?’ He said: ‘Give the glad tidings to the sinners that no sin is too great for Me to forgive, and warn the True Saints not to admire their own works, for were I to impose My justice and judgement on anyone he would surely be doomed. O David! I have prescribed mercy upon Myself, and decreed forgiveness for those who ask for it; I forgive all sins, small and great, which can be neither too abundant nor too great for Me; therefore do not doom yourself, or despair of My mercy, for My mercy has outstripped My wrath. The treasuries of the heavens and the earth are in My Hand, as is all goodness; I have created nothing out of need for it, but only that My power might become known, and that all beholders might know the wisdom of My design and creation. O David, hear Me! Verily I say: When My servant who, ashamed of his sins, comes to meet Me, I cause his guardians to forget them and not ask him about them. O David, hear Me! Verily I say: Were one of My servants persistently to commit enough sins to fill the world, and then regret this, and ask for My forgiveness just once, and I knew that in his heart he intended never to repeat them, I would cast them off him more swiftly than a bird falls down from the sky to the ground.’ And David said: ‘O my God, praise belongs to You on this account! None who knows You should lose hope in You.’

O God! Give us from Your Presence a great reward, lead us along a straight path, let us be with those on whom You have bestowed Your favours: the Prophets, the True Saints, the martyrs, and the virtuous, for they are the best companions. [IV:60]
This is God’s grace, and God is sufficient as Knower. [IV:70]
This is the end of the treatise. Praise belongs to God firstly and lastly, inwardly and outwardly; He is the First and the Last, the Outward and the Inward, and He has knowledge of everything. [LVII:3] …

p. 128-33 – Imam Abdullah Haddah, The Book of Assistance, trans. Mostafa Badawi, 2003