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‘Indeed, when Philip Dick himself saw the early out-takes of the film [Blade Runner], shortly before his untimely death, he recalled that it had been his research into Gestapo records for another novel, Man in the High Castle, that had given him the idea for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick recalls:

I thought, there is amongst us something that is a bipedal humanoid, morphologically identical to the human being but which is not human. It is not human to complain, as one SS man did in his diary, that starving children are keeping you awake. And there, in the 40s, was born my idea that within our species is a bifurcation, a dichotomy between the truly human and that which mimics the truly human (quoted in Strick, 1982: 172; cf. L’écranfantastique, 1982).

[Author’s emphasis] – Excerpt from p. 389-390, ‘Ideology as Dystopia: An Interpretation of Blade Runner’, Douglas E. Williams, International Political Science Review 1988 9: 381-394.